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Food Lies

Brian Sanders is the host of the Peak Human Podcast and the creative force behind Food Lies, a full-length documentary film about the sketchy science surrounding the original dietary guidelines and the epidemic of obesity and chronic disease that followed. Brian has tirelessly researched the subject and interviewed the top leaders in nutrition to share the most up-to-date science behind what we should be eating for our health. To support the film you can pre-order a copy and more at

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The Honest Truth about Clean Eating

As a nurse and amateur CrossFitter, Katie Schaapveld didn’t always eat the best until she gave herself the challenge of taking her lunch to work every day for a week. The idea that a clean eating lifestyle should also be simple became the driving force behind the creation of The Honest Skillet. Hundreds of blog posts and recipes later, she released The Honest Skillet Cookbook, a practical guide for those needing meal ideas that are easy to make,while remaining nutritious and delicious! For more information or to pick up a copy now visit¬†


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The Nutrivore Code

This week’s guest, Peter Bilarczyk is known online as The Fat Adapted Athlete. We dive into the science behind why a low-nutrient ketogenic diet is no better than a Standard American Diet (SAD). Plus, Peter shares his best tips to break a weight loss plateau by making simple changes to your training and nutrition program. For more info, visit


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Simplify Your Nutrition

You can lose weight, achieve optimal wellness, increase your energy, and even reverse Type 2 Diabetes and other health conditions with three easy steps! Sound too good to be true? Listen in as I explain how.


4 Keys to Ultimate Sustainable Health

In this episode I give my best advice on the long-term, sustainable approach to building a better body and dynamic health!